What Crossfit is Really About

Often I am asked why I participate in Crossfit. Unless you’ve tried it … long enough to feel the results … it can be difficult to explain. Sometimes I opt out for the easy answer and just tell them I am crazy. What I witnessed at the 2012 Crossfit Games explains exactly why I have stuck with Crossfit and will continue to do so…but I will get to that in a moment.

As I mentioned I had an amazing opportunity to attend the 2012 Crossfit Games this past weekend and it was truly a spectacular sight to see. Where else can you go where all the spectators are sitting in the stands with their shirts off – looking nearly as good as the competitors? Besides all the eye candy, as I “witness the fitness” brought on by these competitors, I was brought to awe and truly motivated. I’m excited to have the opportunity to reclaim my body post-baby when I am in better condition to forge elite fitness. I wish I could have live tweeted during the event and kept everyone in the loop on the competition, cool vendors, and the paleo food trucks but unfortunately by data network was chugging along slowly with thousands of other people being on their phones at the same time.

There is much I can say or many photos I can post from the 2012 Crossfit Games that you haven’t already seen but I think my album below properly represents the Crossfit community and what it is all about. Comradery. The comradery between the Crossfit community is why I continue to push my body to new limits. Let’s face it, our WODs are no joke … our warm-ups are most people’s workout, I know that I would never push myself to the limits that I do without the comradery between the other Crossfiters in my class. We are always there to cheer each other on through a workout and congratulate each other after finishing. Let’s face it, whether you finish first or last in your WOD, it feels pretty damn good when your done.

Remember, when you finish your next workout, look for someone still pushing through and go cheer them on. Help push them to new limits. Please share my photos below of these Crossfit women competitors cheering on one last person as she pushes through this tough work out. I never heard the crowds in the stand cheer louder, than when they were cheering on competitors trying to get those extra 5 pounds up on the power clean, or to just achieve one hand stand push-up or a burpee muscle-up. That’s what the Crossfit community is all about.

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5 Responses to What Crossfit is Really About
  1. Courtney Reply

    Love this! the community is awesome and it really is hard to explain if you haven’t done it. Keep it up girl!

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  3. Courtney Reply

    I linked to this post from my post today, this is great!

  4. Chris Donnelly Reply

    I agree, This community is amazing. I’m way past the idea of playing sports regularly but Crossfit allows you to have that camaraderie of the locker room. Everyone is there to push you and make you better.

  5. Ericka @ The Sweet Life Reply

    Great post and I totally agree. I’m even just plain loving our Crossfit community on Fitfluential! Thanks for sharing :)