5 Ways to 'Optimize' Social Media Content


You may be familiar with terms such as SEO (search engine optimization) or SEM (search engine marketing) but have you heard of SMO? SMO stands for social media optimization. Social media optimization is the art of utilizing several different techniques to assure your content gets found.

There are specific techniques you can apply to your content before publishing to not only assure it gets found on the social network itself but also search engines. In fact, if you have an SEO strategy in place or a list of keywords you are optimizing for, it’s best to work those keywords into all of your social media content whenever possible.

While these techniques are best practice for all platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter it is even more vital for social networks that function more like a search engine such as YouTube and Pinterest. Here’s how you can begin implementing your keywords into your social media content strategy:

  • All file names for assets upload such as photos or videos should have relevant keywords in the file name. It’s great to include your business or brand name, along with keywords that are relevant to the asset being uploaded. Keep the file name as short as possible, use only lowercase letters, and to separate words, use hyphens instead of spaces. An example file name for a photo asset would be social-media-optimization.jpg.
  • Work your keywords into the social copy. Avoid undescriptive words such as “it” or “these” and replace them with descriptive keywords when possible. It’s best to pretend you are writing your copy for an elementary student.
  • When keywords cannot be worked into the post copy, you can always use descriptive hashtags. Just consider the social network you are using and when/where hashtags make the most sense (hashtags…sounds like a good future email topic).
  • Use keywords in your social bios and descriptions. Be sure they are fully filled out, don’t skimp on details because you are in a rush to get your profile up and running. Do an audit of all your social networks and be sure all the details are filled out. Work in those keywords where you can.
  • Reverse engineer your content. Use search trends that you see and works those keyword search trends into your headlines.

All of these tips are not only helpful on social media but can also work well to gain you added exposure in search engine results as well. I know you all want to be 1st page on Google, right?!

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