Books & Tools to Pull You Out of Tough Times

Please tell me I am not alone when I say that I have had days (errr…months) where I just feel so fucking lost in life. What the hell is my grand purpose? Am I doing this life thing right? Why do I just want someone else to make my life decisions for me?


I’m coming out of a period of my life where I can honestly say I hit the lowest rock bottom I’ve ever experienced. A period where I felt so unsure of myself and what the hell I was doing with my life. I’m also super stubborn, so I spent a lot of time alone hellbent on figuring it out by myself and waited a long time to open up to my friends and family about the dark place I was in. While I was in this dark cloud, I KNEW I was doing the things I need to do to pull myself out of it but had a difficult time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Not long ago, I was sitting on my kitchen floor sobbing. Crying like I have never cried before. Just wishing my mom could take over my life and tell me what to do. Or my life coach. Hell, I was even considering checking into a swanky Malibu facility where a doctor could tell me what to do. Celebs do it all the time right? Mental exhaustion is a real thing.


Now that I am back to my old self – actually IT take that back – I feel SO RENEWED – I have an absolute new outlook on life. I feel totally re-energized and ready to tackle all the dreams that I once gave up on.


I want to share the things that I know (now looking back) played a huge role in me not only pulling myself out of a dark place but coming back bigger, better, stronger – think Rocky Balboa’s big come back.


Here are daily practices I took:
  • Meditate. I really like the Calm app and it’s free.
  • Journal. I wrote down everything I was feeling. All the bad. Any tiny bit of good, because, gratitude. I didn’t judge myself. I just wrote to get it out of my system. If I didn’t know what to write about, I just wrote about what I did that day.
  • Eat healthy foods. I was sick to my stomach most days with stress, so I basically ate sardines, bulletproof coffee, and a smoothie bowl every day.
  • Workout. I used this period in my life to experiment with different workouts to see how they made me feel. Turns out I really enjoy both hot yoga and boxing. Different vibes, but both served as different types of outlets for my emotions and feelings.
  • Read. I read a lot. Reading all these books I tell you about on my Instagram or my blog here has made me realize …none of has unique problems. (sorry) We just aren’t that special. Someone else out there has lived out a very similar situation – probably more people than we think if we just opened up a little more. A lot of these books brought me different things on different days. Healing. Hope. Motivation. Laughter. Solid Advice.
All of the above, I’ve dabbled a lot in over the years, but it wasn’t until I hit rock bottom and desperately needed a way back up that I started implementing every single one of those into my life on a DAILY more religious discipline. I’ve even started getting up 1.5-2 hours earlier each morning to make time for all of that.
Here are a few books I recommend to help you find your way:
All of these books have a different type of Spiritual element to them and I found value in all of them. They are not tied to any particular religion. I didn’t grow up religious or really with any understanding of spirituality, so they really helped me understand myself and the meaning of a higher power. I personally wouldn’t suggest life planning books if you are down in the dumps – which is where I first started when I was depressed – thinking I needed to course correct and plan a new life. I realized that was not working. I was forcing my life to go in certain directions because I was coming from a place of fear. Save the life planning for when you are in better spirits.
Here are some tools I enjoyed working into my day:
  • Palo Santo. Palo Santo sticks are little pieces of wood that you burn. They clear out bad vibes – both on a spiritual level but there is also science to back it. You can Google for the science facts if you need it.
  • Intent Guidance Cards. I like to start my mornings by drawing cards from one of my many decks. Gabby Bernstein has matching cards to her book, The Universe Has Your Back 52 Card Deck OR these Goddess Guidance Cards are great. If you are new to this, just start each day by choosing one card from the deck randomly. Read it’s message and allow that to be your guiding intent for the day. It’s nice to have this as a reminder throughout the day when you catch yourself feeling low or your thoughts bringing you down, bring your attention back to your intention. (that sounded good right?!)
  • Crystals. Fill up your home (or pocket) with crystals. Quartz, rose, and amethyst are great crystals that provide healing benefits. Just having them in your space will bring in new energy.
  • Himalayan Salt Lamp. There are tons of health benefits to natural Himalayan salt lamps including purifying the air, increasing energy levels, better sleep, reducing stress, and more.
The important thing is to find healthy habits that you can work into your life to guide you to a better place. Habits that also help you focus inward to create self-awareness to address the root of the problems you are experiencing so you can work to heal yourself.
Sending you good vibes!! xoxo

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