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How to Become a Money Savvy Freelancer

Unlock your money savvy

One of the first things you have to learn as a freelancer is that money savvy is a mindset, not simply a skill or a set of knowledge.

Choosing to believe I’m not good with money cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars (not even kidding!) … and why? Pure. Ignorance.

I still want to bang my head against my keyboard just thinking about it.

Don’t be fooled, though. Money beliefs aren’t easy to change. They’re usually a byproduct of limiting beliefs we grew up with.

How Limiting Beliefs Sabotage Your Money Savvy

I’m curious…

Did your mom ever tell you to put a toy back on the store shelf and say, “How on earth could we afford that?”

Or did your dad ever ask you, “Do you think money grows on trees?” (Which it technically does, but anyway…)

Those limiting beliefs taught you: Money is scarce. I can’t afford this. We can’t risk investing in this. I won’t have enough money.

You have to take full responsibility for these beliefs if you want to successfully kick them to the curb.

When you take full responsibility, you also acknowledge that you and you alone are in charge of your finances. That means you have a duty to know your finances intimately. By doing so, you can maximize your income, scale your business, and make overall smart choices. (Yes, yes, and heck yes!)

3 Books to Build Your Money Savvy

If you have no clue where to start with changing these limiting beliefs, don’t freak out! I actually have a list of three incredibly helpful books you can start reading right away.

These books changed my life—seriously! They taught me to stop bumming around when it came to money and actually freaking do something.

The authors taught me to believe that I can make real money. Like hundreds of thousands of dollars in real money.

If you’re worried that you’re short on time, you can get these books on Audible and listen to them while you walk the dog, drive your kids to school, or do chores in the yard.

Sign up for Audible today and get two free audiobooks!

Here are the three books I think you should start reading:

Think and Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill wrote Think and Grow Rich back in 1937. And before you think this book is outdated, you should know that it’s still one of the top 10 best-selling self-help books of all time.

Hill insisted that in order to improve your life, you had to have huge, nonnegotiable expectations. That meant having a positive attitude, having a clear purpose, and channeling the power of your subconscious.

Make sure you write down the 13 steps to success that Hill outlines in this book!

You Are a Badass at Making Money

In this book, New York Times best-selling author Jen Sincero teaches you how to stop money from rolling into your bank account … only to roll right back out.

This is the ultimate guide to making the kind of money you could only dream of.

I Will Teach You to Be Rich

Ramit Sethi has some countercultural thoughts about money—and the best part? They work!

Sethi busts the myths that you have to scrimp and save in every teeny tiny way you can in order to get by financially. The secret to being rich isn’t saying no to lattes, Sethi says. It’s making the right investments with your money!

Sethi goes through how to completely crush your student debt, how to set up high-interest bank accounts, how to talk your way out of late fees and more. (It’s kind of scary how well that last one works!)

Get Support on Your Freelancing Journey

You don’t have to flail around in your freelancing journey like I did. You can get instant access to plenty of other freelancers like you in my Six-Figure Freelancer Facebook Group. Join today and get the support and community you need!

And if you haven’t already, I highly suggest you download my Six-Figure Freelancer Guide. This 54-page guide is jam-packed with helpful information… from mindset shifts to establishing yourself in your niche, to figuring out what to charge clients. Get your hands on it today!

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