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It’s planning season! This is my favorite time of year and not because of the holidays but because it’s a chance to stop, reflect, and course correct as needed. I make sure to block out a few days in the month of December to reflect on the past year: the wins, the losses, and fill my heart up with gratitude. Did I achieve what I set out to achieve? If not, why? If so, I make sure to celebrate the wins. Depending on how I am feeling each year, decides what books I use for life planning. My birthday is in July, so I also take the time to do this same exercise and use these books around my birthday too. Here’s what I recommend:

  1. Darren Hardy’s Living Your Best Year Ever. This set comes with pages to help you evaluate where you are in every aspect of life (wealth, business, relationships, health, etc.), where you want to be, then help you chart out a plan to get there. The journal that comes with this supports you in tracking daily/weekly habits to achieve your outlined goals. If you are not a big reader, it also come’s with CDs to listen to all the upfront reading. I first tried this journal about 4 or 5 years ago and the one thing that really stuck with me is that Darren would drive to his ideal neighborhood and a place where he could see his dream house and he would set up shop there for the day to do his life planning. It’s a great little piece of advice to help you visualize where you want to go in life.
  2. Kenneth D. Foster’s Ask And You Will Succeed. Nothing will make you think more about what you truly want in life than this book. If you want to get to where you want, you need to be crystal clear on your vision. This book does just that, helps you get crystal clear on what exactly it is you want out of this life you are living. Ask And You Will Succeed outlines 1001 extraordinary questions to create life-changing results. There are 8 sections to this book: Questions For The Big Picture, Questions to Grow Your Potential, Questions to Bring You What You Want, Questions to Create Financial Freedom, Questions to Empower Your Connections, Questions to Promote Well-Being, Questions That Will Give You More Joy, The Only Remaining Questions. After answering all these questions in the different areas of your life, the last section outlines helpful journal prompts you can reflect upon each day to support you in staying focused and continue to gain more clarity as you grow and expand as a person.
  3. Danielle Laporte’s The Desire Map & The Desire Map Planner. If you follow me on social or have read my blog before, you know how much I love this book. I mention it all the time. What I haven’t mentioned is that you can also purchase a Desire Map Planner to complement the work you did in The Desire Map. The Desire Map takes you through thought-provoking exercises to help you determine how you want to FEEL rather than achieve tangibly. I myself have set tangible goals myself around things I want to achieve – say financially – achieved them, but then wasn’t happy like I thought I would be. The Desire Map totally reframes the way we think about typical goal setting and the daily planner allows you to keep these desired feelings front and center each day in your life.
  4. Daily Greatness Journals by Lydelle Palmer Clarke. These are AMAZING! These journals encompass a lot of what I like from the other books listed and more. They are so detailed and hold your hand through reflecting, creating a new mindset, better habits, proper planning. These make great gifts too. I’ve purchased the Daily Greatness Journal (basic well-rounded life planner), Daily Greatness Business Planner, Daily greatness PArents Journal (AWESOME!), and the Daily Greatness Training Journal – which I gifted to my sister. Check out her website and see which journal is the best fit for you. Highly recommend.

What planners have you tried that you reccomend?

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