Magical Bulletproof Coffee Recipe


Bulletproof coffee has become part of my morning religion. Every morning. I do not like going out for my coffee, I like to make it as home, my way. My own special magical way. I’ve been drinking bulletproof coffee for 2-3 years now but over the past 6 months, I have really perfected my recipe.

Here’s what’s in my cup:

Brew your coffee. Pour it all into a blender. Enjoy!

I have a cupboard full of adaptogens, each day I pick something different, depending on what I am in the mood for. Some are great for flexibility, some are great for mental clarity, some are great for muscle recovery, emotional stability – depends on how I am feeling that morning.

The Vital Proteins Beef Gelatin is amazing for your gut health, but it also thickens up your coffee just a bit giving it an amazing texture and LOTS of froth. #FrothCity

This keeps me wired for the day AND keeps me from getting hungry. I use to eat sardines in the morning with my coffee – but now I wait until I am hungry. Most days I do not eat my first meal until 1pm because all the good fat in the Bulletproof coffee keeps me full and energized.

I allow myself to have a pot of four cups (not four actual mugs, but the measuring cup on the coffee pot) a day and following Whole30 guidelines, I try not to drink any after 12pm. If I do, I am restless at night.

Keep experimenting until you find a recipe you love. I’ve tried all different coffee beans (organic, well-sourced), different MCT/Brain Octane oils, different ghee brands, and all kinds of adaptogens. Don’t be afraid to mix and match until you get the flavor you like paired with the energy you are meant to have with Bulletproof coffee.

Pro Tips for Bulletproof Coffee Newbs:

  • You must work your way up to 1 tablespoon of MCT oil. Start very slow and work your way up each day. It WILL upset your stomach if you do not start slow. Take it from me and all my friends who refused to take that advice.
  • If you use the gelatin (highly recommend) only poor your cup up half way at a time. Keep the rest of your coffee in a Swell bottle or similar type product that keeps your beverage ungodly hot for long periods of time. If your coffee starts to reach room temperature, it will turn into jello.
  • The ingredients are expensive, so feel free to check out other brands, but I wouldn’t skimp here. If you do not have high-quality products, you will not get the high-quality results.Here are some other brands I use and love to make my coffee: Kicking Horse Coffee, Bulletproof’s MCT Oil or Brain Octane, Primal Kitchen’s Collagen Fuel (I’ll use this in place of OR in addition to the Vital Proteins Collagen/Gelatin), Organic Valley Ghee, any Adaptogen brand from my blog post about Adaptogen benefits. Also, if you choose these products and put them on Amazon’s Subscribe and Save plan, you can save 15%.
  • DO NOT use one of those mini blenders/bullets – it is not meant for hot liquids and it will be really terrible. A very, terrible mess – that burns.

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