Top 10 Fertility-Boosting Foods From WomanCode

WomanCode by Alissa Vitti, Fertility

The tagline says it all: Perfect Your Cycle, Amplify Your Fertility, Supercharge Your Sex Drive, and Become a Power Source. Imagine being in control of your body and period rather than it being something that arrives each month and you just deal with all the implications it can bring.

WomanCode by Alisa Vitti, HHC is for you if:

  • You suffer from Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  • You suffer from Fibroids
  • You suffer from Endometriosis
  • You suffer from Painful/Difficult/Heavy Periods
  • You suffer from Thyroid and Adrenal Issues
  • Your experiencing Infertility
  • Your experience a low (or non-existent) sex drive
  • Your experiencing other Hormone Imbalance problems such as acne, oily hair, dandruff, dry skin, cramps, headaches, irritability, exhaustion, constipation, irregular cycles, heavy bleeding, clotting, shedding hair, weight gain, anxiety, insomnia, lowered sex drive, bizarre food cravings

I currently have two children then I had in my younger 20s in a different phase of life. Now, in my 30s, I hope to find the love of my life and have more children someday (though if more kids are not in the cards for me, I feel very much blessed to have the two I already have). Knowing I’m in my 30s, keeping myself fertile to possibly make this dream come true someday is always top of mind for me. Please tell me I am not the only single lady that has cried as she moved into her 30s because she is afraid she is now considered “old” to men in the dating pool. I still feel young – that’s got to count for something?!

I’ve always thought that as long as I eat healthily and stay in shape – that should be enough to keep me Fertile Myrtle. If you want to kick things into gear though, WomanCode suggests consuming these 10 Fertility-Boosting Foods into your DAILY diet. To assure nothing gets lost in my non-medical translation – this top 10 list and explanation copy is taken directly from the book.

  1. BUCKWHEAT. This is grain rich in the compound d-chiro-inositol, which has been proven to drop insulin and testosterone levels and increase rates of ovulation, thereby improving fertility.
  2. LEAFY GREENS. Spinach, kale, collards, and escarole, among many others, are high in folic acid, which is essential for healthy ovaries and reduces the risk of spinal cord or brain defects in infants. They are also rich in vitamin E, magnesium, and calcium, which promote menstrual cycle health.
  3. CHICKPEAS. Just one serving of this legume can maintain proper B6 levels, which are essential for the production of healthy progesterone levels for conception, as well as improving sperm and egg development.
  4. HONEY. All honey, but especially bee pollen and royal jelly – the queen bee’s favorite dish – is a nutrient-rich compound with many features. While being fed royal jelly by the worker bees, queen bees lay up to two thousand eggs each day. Bee pollen can help stimulate ovarian function when trying to conceive.
  5. EGGS. These ancient symbols of fertility sometimes get a bum rap. Don’t skip the yolks! Free-range egg yolk contains vitamin D, which is essential in maintaining healthy ovulation.
  6. SUNFLOWER SEEDS. Rich in zinc – which helps your body more efficiently utilize your reproductive hormones (estrogen and progesterone) and also helps with DNA production that can support egg quality.
  7. SALMON. Omega-3 fatty acids, which salmon has in abundance, helps in regulating hormones and ovulation, while also increasing cervical mucus and blood flow to the reproductive organs.
  8. AVOCADOS. They’re high in monounsaturated fat, which has been shown to positively affect IVF outcomes.
  9. CINNAMON. In addition to its antibacterial and digestion-improving properties, cinnamon contains a compound that makes fat cells more responsive to insulin, which in turn increases ovulation rates.
  10. TURMERIC. Not only will this spice boost the health of your reproductive system; it- along with other similar “warming” spices such as coriander, cumin, cardamom, and black pepper – helps dispel, according to TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), excessive dampness in the reproductive organs. It helps create a drier, warmer internal environment that’s ideal for conception.

Since I do not have personal experience with fertility, I cannot speak to the struggles. I do have close friends who have experienced this though so I do understand the heartbreak. I understand how frustrating it could be to maybe read a post like this when you’ve probably exhausted many resources already. It’s not my intention to frustrate anyone with this post, but simply offer a little bit of insight into the book that really covers the inner workings to the female body as a whole. It’s worth the read. This list of fertility-boosting foods is really just a small piece of a whole chapter on how to optimize your body for fertility. The fertility optimization chapter also touches on:

  • How to improve rates of successful implantation/conception if doing IVF
  • Tips on ensuring you can maintain pregnancy
  • How to identify hidden fertility obstacles
  • Sexual health that may be contributing to a less optimal embryo environment
  • Fertility boosting supplements
  • Hygiene (yes, NOT flossing daily negatively impacts your fertility)
  • Safe airport security for your ovaries – you name it!

This chapter covers A LOT! And that’s just one chapter – the chapter on increasing your sex drive is just as juicy!

Get your copy of WomanCode in hardcover, softcover, audio, or Kindle version on Amazon. 

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