Free Google Ad Credits Due to COVID-19 Event Cancellations


Free Google Ad Credits! Good new to many of us who feel as it most of our marketing ad spend has been wasted this year due to having to reschedule events. Google announced this week that they will be pledging $800 million in ads and loans to support the economy as it deals with the COVID-19 crisis.

Of the $800 million, $340 of that will be set aside in ad credits for small business. In order to be eligible for free google ad credits is to have a Google Ad Words account that has been active in the past year.

The credit notifications should appear in your account in the coming months. Vague timing, but this all that’s been announced so far. When the credits do appear, they can be used for Google Search, Display ads, and YouTube campaigns.

It’s unsure at this time how much credit will be given to small and medium sized businesses at this time. As of now, any credits issued to your account will be good through the end of 2020.

You can stay up to date on the free Google Ad Credits HERE.

Sundat Pichai, CEO of Google, has posted a full response on their blog where you can find more details about the other $460 million dollars will be distributed.

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