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Power Foods for the Brain: Eating Clean for 30 Days

 As we age, eating power foods for our brain should become a top priority. The foods we choose fuel both our brains and our bodies, but we’re rarely well informed about what foods promote these health benefits. I did the leg work for you, researching popular brain foods, and documenting how they affected me. 

For 30 days straight, I committed to eating a strict diet of foods that are said to improve brain health. While the diet I followed has no particular label, I did take inspiration from my experiences with keto, paleo, and whole30 diets. 

What power foods for the brain I ate for 30 days

After days of research, I nailed down what my basic food guide for each day would be. I should note that I did make small alterations depending on the situation. However, the list below shows an accurate guide of what most of my meals looked like.

Additional healthy brain foods to incorporate


This super berry contains nutrients that keep your brain functioning at its best capacity. These nutrients fight inflammation and protect against neurological damage. 


The antioxidants strawberries contain fight off free radicals, preventing the damage of cells that lead to memory loss. 


While not as popular as the previous two berries, this berry is often used in combination with medications that treat brain conditions like Parkinson’s. It’s known for its powerful ability to reduce mental fatigue and increase mental energy.


In addition to being delicious, salmon is a great source of brain healthy fats. Much like walnuts, listed in my diet plan above, it’s packed to the brim with Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega 3 has an anti-aging effect on your brain 

Brain food smoothie bowl recipe

Along with the foods listed above, I also put together this delicious, nutrient-dense power smoothie bowl to increase mental clarity! On days I decided to have a bigger breakfast or when I needed an extra snack, this recipe was my go-to. (insert embedded video)

The results of my clean eating diet

After 30 days of this strict but delicious diet, the results were jaw-dropping. As someone who had taken Adderal in the past (like most people who have gone to college), the effects of the diet were similar. My brain felt clearer. I had better, more consistent focus throughout the day. This focus led to more motivation, and more motivation led to more productivity. This diet allowed me to achieve the effects that most only ever get with drug abuse.

I was also more physically active. The energy I obtained from my diet allowed me to double my usual workout time. Between the mental and physical changes I’ve observed, I highly recommend giving a clean, brain food diet a shot. With all the work your brain does for you every day, it’s time you put in a little work for it.

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