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How to use CBD Cream for Pain

As much as I enjoy telling you all about my healthy habits and lifestyle, I think it’s important to tell you when a habit that needs work. In this case, I’m talking about my bad posture, and how using a CBD cream for pain ended up helping me.

Between freelancing and writing blog posts, I spend hours at my desk, keeping my back and shoulders slumped. I started to feel an intense ache in my shoulder. I thought I was going to have to see a masseuse for the tension I was carrying. The knot in my shoulder felt like it was the size of Texas. 

Fortunately, to my wallets great pleasure, I discovered Beam’s CBD topical cream called Boost. After applying the CBD cream to my shoulders two times a day for two days, the pain was gone. I was able to cancel the $100 massage appointment and get back to being productive at my desk. 

When it comes to lotions, I tend to have two major complaints. Greasiness and overly scented lotions and creams are the banes of my existence. Boost has neither of these unwanted features, making it a wonderful, neutral product. Because it’s not greasy, it absorbs into my skin quickly. I feel the effects of the CBD shortly after applying it. 

CBD creams and why they work for pain

CBD creams are specifically designed for topical use. While marijuana is normally smoked or eaten, CBD cream directly impacts your skin. As I’m sure you know, your skin is your largest organ. By spreading the cream on your skin, you can achieve incredible results quickly. 

There are numerous receptors in your skin that the CBD targets. However when using CBD cream for pain, it’s best to apply the cream directly to the area you want it to target. When you apply it to a particular cream you can ensure the localized effects of the cream. 

Because of this, CBD creams and oils are the optimal choices for body pain. They will not spread throughout the body, instead targeting the pain exactly where you need it. 

Additional Benefits of Boost Nano CBD Hydrogel

While all of Beam’s CBD products I’ve tried are fantastic, they each have unique benefits for different conditions. CBD creams are great antioxidants, allowing them to reduce swelling in any area of the body that’s inflamed. They’re also incredibly easy to apply! All you have to do is rub the product on the effected area of your body. 

Unlike oils, creams don’t sit on top of your skin making you feel gross and oily. CBD creams are designed to be absorbed into your skin so that you can no longer feel them shortly after application. 

These creams are often used by people who suffer from chronic pain. Those suffering from arthritis, cancer, muscle spasms, and more have found some relief by using CBD cream for pain. While the benefits of CBD cream are temporary and will not cure the underlying condition, the benefits are consistent, allowing those suffering to increase their quality of life. 

If you have been suffering and are looking for a product to help you, I highly recommend trying Boost Nano CBD Hydrogel. They have been kind enough to offer me a discount code for you guys. Simply use ASHLEYCLINE15 for 15% off your first purchase and discover these amazing effects for yourself!

Not sure if this product fits your needs? Check out my blog post here that tells you all about CBD capsules and how I’ve incorporated them into my daily routine.

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