3 Books Event Marketers Should Read to Get More Ticket Sales


Look, I know you’re busy enough, and adding books to read isn’t at the top of your list, but I assure you – these books for event marketers are worth the read. I would buy a highlighter to go with them as well. These are the three books event marketers should be reading right now. I’ve been able to create event marketing templates with the knowledge I gathered from these books and use the same strategies for all event types, in any city (or country), and they always work.

Expert Secrets
Expert Secrets

Want to immediately turn more of the website visitors into new sales and registrations? You must learn to build a proper sales funnel. See, it’s not enough to just have a checkout page where someone can buy their ticket or even a main website where they can get more details. If you want higher conversion rates, you need a sales page. A sales page is different than your main website. A sales page is different than the ticket purchase page. It’s a webpage focused on speaking to your ideal customer through the perfect words and pictures that leave any website visitor with major FOMO (fear of missing out), compelling them to click the Buy Now button. By implementing this step in your sales funnel, you will bring down the cost to acquire a customer AND increase the average cart total of each customer.

If anyone has mastered Sales Funnels, it’s Brunson. I recommend and personally use his tool, Click Funnels. It’s the simplest way to build a high-converting sales page without needing the knowledge of how to code or build a website. I do suggest you read the book first though for better context and understand utilizing the tool.


Invisible Selling Machine

The Invisible Selling Machine was written by the best of the best in online marketing, Ryan Deiss. GOAT material.

I’ve been working in online marketing for the past 15 years and there comes the point where it ‘s hard to find resources to learn from and further advance my skills. I attend industry events. Read all the books. Sign up for every damn webinar. I’ve purchased most online marketing programs I could find.

In Invisible Selling Machine, Ryan shares the 5 Steps to Crafting an automated, evergreen email campaign that makes sales while you sleep. I’m going to tell you the five steps because that won’t give away the contents of the book…but if you want to know the rest, “Hey, buy the rights.” (How Bizarre How Bizarre. Ohhhh baby —love that song).

As marketers, we often hear that the money is in the list. “The List” being your email database. Most marketers, however, don’t know how to utilize that list to turn it into a cash-making machine. What more can you do besides send out your monthly newsletter or alert subscribers of a coupon offer?

Many marketers (including myself) often rely on social advertising to do the heavy lifting. There’s no doubt that there is some money-making magic on Facebook or Pinterest ads. Imagine though using your social advertising budget to focus on acquiring more email addresses. This allows you to build a list that you can market to over and over again. All at little to no hard dollar cost in comparison to using your social ad dollars to always focus on acquiring customers.

When I said in my first sentence, Ryan Deiss was the best of the best; I’m not just saying that. In the past couple of years, I have easily spent over $10,000 attending their Traffic & Conversion Summit, buying their programs (The Machine & Funnel Blueprint), monthly education, and their certification courses. For some odd reason too, I own three copies of Invisible Selling Machine. Not sure how that happened, but I guess it’s that good.

Guerilla Publicity

Okay, so this book is a little old school – it’s from 2008 (yea, that’s old school now) but I love me some good guerrilla marketing. Now, this kind of marketing isn’t exactly digital marketing – but it can be. This book will bring you back to those days – which I guess is NOW again with the current state of the world given COVID-19 – where marketing was scrappy. You had to get creative. You had to learn how to work with other businesses and help each other. You didn’t have a big budget of money to spend on Facebook ads.

This book will surely bring you back to the roots of good ole scrappy marketing. Some of my favorite companies to work with and learn from are CIRCUSES!! Not only does their online marketing usually convert so well – they are out there in the community getting down to business with that guerrilla marketing. WHICH is probably the reason their online marketing like Facebook ads converts so well because people have already been seeing their names around town.

Just a few weeks ago, I was walking around downtown Houston, and cirque du Soleil had stenciled the sidewalks with their show name. Which I just thought was so genius, scrappy, and inexpensive. I’ve already seen their name all over town with billboards, flyers inside local businesses, targeted Facebook ads, and TV commercials. Now that kind of omnipresence marketing is what sells tickets. People begin dreaming of your event in their sleep before they’ve even gone to the show.

Check out the book. Get inspired. Get scrappy again. Here’s a list of guerilla marketing ideas you can try for your event.

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